Drop Shipping

What's drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a retail method in which merchandise is shipped to the customer directly from the warehouse or supplier rather than from the retailer. It is a business model in which the Drop-shipping clients do not keep goods in stock, instead, they transfer their customers' orders and shipment details to bateriabuy.pl. Then bateriabuy.pl ships the goods directly to their customers. Drop-shipping clients make a profit on the price difference during the transaction.

You can visit Drop shipping - Wikipedia page for more information.

How does drop shipping works?

  • 1You do not have to purchase any merchandise until you have sold the item and collected the money from your customer.
  • 2Then you purchase the item from us, and we ship it directly to your customer.

When we drop ship, none of the followings will happen

  • 1We do NOT include our company name, logo anywhere on or in the package.
  • 2We do NOT include the prices paid for the merchandise.
  • 3We do NOT contact your customers, your customers will be still loyal to you.

How to start drop shipping with bateriabuy.pl?

  • 1Sell the replacement batteries on your own website/eBay;
  • 2Select battery(s) on bateriabuy.pl and add to the shopping cart;
  • 3Note "This is a Drop-Shipping order" on shopping cart page;
  • 4Submit the order and finish the payment, remember to set the shipping address as your customer's;
  • 5bateriabuy.pl will prepare your order and ship out to your customer directly;
  • 6After dispatched we will send you one tracking number.
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